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8 Best Kratom Strains And Their Effects


Kratom is gaining increasing popularity across the world. And with the immense benefits this naturally extracted drug comes with, the fame and recognition it’s receiving is completely justified. Here’s a list of the top Kratom strains and their effects – read on:

  1. Indo Kratom:
    Sourced from Indonesia, the Indo Kratom has the highest percentage of Kratom alkaloids. Calculated intake of Kratom brings you to a state of deep relaxation, relieving you of all stress. It is also known to boost self-confidence.
  2. Maeng Da Kratom:
    One of the most concentrated Kratom strains out there, Maeng Da Kratom is known to boost energy levels. This strain of Kratom doesn’t show effects immediately – the effects of Maeng Da Kratom dosages show up gradually. It is advisable to not get used to daily intake of Maeng Da Kratom – as there is a high possibility of you developing a tolerance to the drug.
  3. Kapuas Kratom:Kapuas Kratom:
    A modified strain of Kratom, this one is grown and sourced from the South Asian countries. Although it is famous, it is only available online, which makes its availability not so accessible. Kapuas Kratom is known to be a perfect pain alleviator and mood enhancer.
  4. Borneo Kratom:
    Available in green, red and white varieties, the Borneo Kratom is sourced from the Borneo island. Borneo Kratom is known to increase concentration levels making the mind focused and free from stress.
  5. Bali Kratom:red-bali-kratom
    Although it is named after Bali, it is still sourced from Malaysia, Indonesia and even Thailand. Bali Kratom is one of the cheapest strains of Kratom, and it is the perfect substitute for pain killers. Bali Kratom puts you in a calm, happy state of mind. It is available in red, white and green colours.
  6. Sumatra Kratom:
    Again, sourced only from Sumatra, this Kratom strain is available in green, white and red colours. The Sumatra Kratom is becoming increasingly popular as a drug to help keep blood pressure under check.
  7. Thai Kratom:Thai Kratom
    Amongst the three stains available in the Thai Kratom, the green and white win points over the red Thai Kratom. This strain of Kratom is known to be the best solution to acute and chronic pain, with immediate relief.
  8. Malay Kratom:
    The origin of Malay Kratom is Malaysia – it is known to improve mood and make you feel competent and confident about yourself. Super Green Malay Kratom is the best out of all the available types of Kratom.



Your Guide to Kratom


Anyone and everyone can be affected by depression. It is a mental illness which can cause numerous problems for one’s well being and state of mind. Through time doctors have suggested various methods to cure depression and keep it as far as possible. But the most controversial method suggested by them has to be the usage of Kratom. So let’s try and understand everything associated with Kratom for better clarity.

1. The Plant


Formerly found in parts of Southeast Asia, Kratom is a plant which can be grown only during the tropical climate. This geographical location has not benefited Western countries when it comes to accessibility. As the leaves of these plants is known to have psychoactive properties, many doctors and researchers have tried their best to avail it through different means.

2. Usage


Doctors have suggested patients regarding the usage of this plant and how it cures depression. But the fact which people fail to understand is that during these consultations doctors also inform their patients about the risks associated with Kratom.  The usage of Kratom can lead to a list of side-effects. Aggression and constipation are some of the commonly found side-effects in people using Kratom. On the other side, patients have also suggested that they have been able to come out of depression thanks to the usage of Kratom. This is because it affects the brain and parts of pain, thereby letting you relax.

3. Problems of Research

Unlike other subjects and topics, the study relating to Kratom has been filled with controversies due to various reasons. Researchers have been successful in pointing out its usefulness, adverse health effects, and different things associated with this plant. It’s been riddled with controversies because of its side-effects and experiences of people who have used it. Although doctors have boasted about its benefits, in recent times they have also been talking about its addictive nature. So research in this regard has fallen apart.

4. The Problem of Legality

One might ponder as to why the plant remains to be legal in a few states of America and illegal in few other. This misplacement is due to various reasons associated with the plant. Debates during prime time have not reached proper conclusions when they begin to talk about Kratom. Both sides end up talking about valuable points, which make it hard to reach conclusions. Hence the country has not reached a point of agreement.

5. Functionality of Medicines

Unlike other medicines, Kratom has probably been the only one with huge risks. For example, the legalization of marijuana was successful as the list of pros topped the list of cons. Weed is not addictive and is also one of the leading suggestions for people with Glaucoma incurring almost zero side-effects and withdrawal symptoms.

Why the yellow Kratom is the Gold Standard of Strains


The variety available in Kratom breeds and strains is quite a lot. Every strain of Kratom has a different set of benefits. Each strain is of varying concentration making these strains effective in varying levels. But amongst the red, white, green, yellow and mixed strains of Kratom, the best one out of them all is the Yellow Kratom. This strain is known to be the gold standard of all the Kratom strains because of it’s immense benefits. Let’s have a look at why the Yellow Kratom amongst all others is the best. Read on:

The sole reason why yellow Kratom is the best is because it is all-in-one. The properties of Yellow Kratom are far better and advanced than other strains as the Yellow Kratom is fermented and dried. The fermenting of these leaves before drying is what boosts the hidden properties in the leaves which make their effects faster and efficient.


Yellow Kratom works as a quick pain reliever in both acute and chronic cases. Especially for those looking out for a pain reliever which doesn’t drift you off to sleep, Yellow Kratom is the best. In this case, yellow Kratom beats its own breed – other Kratom strains work well as pain killers, but are sedative and will put you to sleep too. Yellow Kratom relieves you of pain while keeping you productive, what else would anyone wish for?

Yellow Kratom also works as a quick mood booster – taking away all the negative thoughts away from your mind and making you more relaxed and calm. Overall, Yellow Kratom takes you into a happy and positive state of mind, keeping away all negative emotions such a pain, fear, lack of self-esteem away.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, Yellow Kratom clears away all the confusing, messy thoughts in your mind, giving it the clarity it requires. This helps you work better, study better and improve your performance. This strain of Kratom is particularly best to improve efficiency and works wonders for those who have to put in long hours of concentration and effort.


On an overall basis, yellow Kratom is the perfect blend of mental and physical benefits, and it works to calm down both mind and body equally. This is why Yellow Kratom is the most popular and is still gaining increasing popularity.

Controlled dosage is the only thing you need to keep in mind – otherwise, the Yellow Kratom stain is the perfect solution to all your ailments.


Why are there different colours of Kratom?

different colors

Kratom is just a natural herb, which is getting a lot of popularity for many reasons. It has tremendous benefits – which make it a beneficial drug. It is known to be a great stress buster, mood alleviator, confidence booster and focus increasing drug. Not only that, but it is the perfect remedy or chronic or acute pain. But the real trick lies here – every strain of Kratom, every different colour it comes it has a different set of benefits. There are numerous factors which influence the colour and concentration of Kratom – which results in the difference in the Kratom powder available in the market. These include – red, green, white, yellow and mixed Kratom.


Red Kratom is red because it dried longer than the other strains of Kratom. These leaves turn red because they are at the topmost on the Kratom tree, which makes them more exposed to sunlight. The Red Kratom powder is known best for it’s a pain-alleviating property and also to bring in a feeling of euphoria.

Yellow Kratom powder, on the other hand, is similar to the red Kratom powder-although it is better than red Kratom in many ways. Yellow Kratom is the longer dried version of red Kratom. It is further fermented, which brings in the yellow colour in. This fermented, more dried version improves the Kratom concentration, making its effects even more advanced than red Kratom.



Green Kratom is derived from the leaves which are at the bottom of the Kratom tree. These leaves are green, which, when dried, make the resultant powder green in colour. Green Kratom is known to be a fantastic stress buster and focus improver and works wonders on many people.

White Kratom powder is similar to green Kratom powder – it’s just that the leaves picked for producing white Kratom powder are in the middle of the tree rather than the extreme top or bottom. This makes them partially exposed to sunlight, keeping these leaves slightly paler, which results in the white Kratom powder.


Mixed Kratom powder is the most popular out of all – favoured among the newbies as well as the veterans. Every strain of Kratom is mixed in different proportions to make the perfect blend – which brings out mixed properties of Kratom and also mixed effects. Mixed Kratom stands to be the most preferred and beneficial strain amongst all.


Learn Everything You Need To Know About Psychoactive Kratom


Kratom is the one drug doing rounds and getting quickly popular all around. Multiple benefits which Kratom brings in has made it equally popular amongst youngsters and veterans. But of course, everything has its pros and cons. You have to be equally aware of both – so here we go, with some of the most critical facts about Kratom which every Kratom user needs to know:

Currently, Kratom isn’t an illegal substance and is readily available online. This easy accessibility to Kratom has made it a bit risky – as Kratom has to be taken in only as per the prescribed doses. Rampantly available Kratom makes people keep on using it, which makes Kratom hazardous to their health. Benefits of Kratom are very easily visible – and this makes people keep using it, not paying heed to the dosages. However, controlled usage of Kratom is advised and even safe in the long term.


Kratom is filled with alkaloids, which is why it easily influences the brain. Kratom intake affects the brain receptors to a whole lot of negative emotions. This is precisely why Kratom is a perfect pain killer. It also works wonders to help you release stress and keeps you in a happy, content and calm state of mind. In some cases, Kratom is even known to boost confidence, improve focus and this has helped a large number of students, professionals and people who work for long hours.

Kratom also keeps the brain active and going, improving memory and generate other stimulating effects which are beneficial on a large to humans.

However, all of this is a result of controlled dosage of Kratom – if the dosages go out of control, Kratom intake can prove to be harmful and addictive, there are a whole lot of side effects associated with Kratom too. Excess intake of Kratom can make you feel nauseous for a prolonged period. Weight loss, loss of appetite and the whole range of illnesses that come along with it are also common side effects of Kratom. Kratom works the magic on your mind, but your body bears the brunt of it. Increased urination, excess heat, constipation are some of the commonly noticed overdose effects of Kratom.

In extreme cases, Kratom can also result in seizures and hallucinations, which make the user delirious and wondering what went wrong.

It’s best you take Kratom under prescription for whatever ailments and complaints you have, Abusing any drug will have its side effects which, unfortunately, you have to end up bearing.