Kratom Strains

8 Best Kratom Strains And Their Effects

Kratom is gaining increasing popularity across the world. And with the immense benefits this naturally extracted drug comes with, the fame and recognition it’s receiving is completely justified. Here’s a list of the top Kratom strains and their effects – read on:

  1. Indo Kratom:
    Sourced from Indonesia, the Indo Kratom has the highest percentage of Kratom alkaloids. Calculated intake of Kratom brings you to a state of deep relaxation, relieving you of all stress. It is also known to boost self-confidence.
  2. Maeng Da Kratom:
    One of the most concentrated Kratom strains out there, Maeng Da Kratom is known to boost energy levels. This strain of Kratom doesn’t show effects immediately – the effects of Maeng Da Kratom dosages show up gradually. It is advisable to not get used to daily intake of Maeng Da Kratom – as there is a high possibility of you developing a tolerance to the drug.
  3. Kapuas Kratom:Kapuas Kratom:
    A modified strain of Kratom, this one is grown and sourced from the South Asian countries. Although it is famous, it is only available online, which makes its availability not so accessible. Kapuas Kratom is known to be a perfect pain alleviator and mood enhancer.
  4. Borneo Kratom:
    Available in green, red and white varieties, the Borneo Kratom is sourced from the Borneo island. Borneo Kratom is known to increase concentration levels making the mind focused and free from stress.
  5. Bali Kratom:red-bali-kratom
    Although it is named after Bali, it is still sourced from Malaysia, Indonesia and even Thailand. Bali Kratom is one of the cheapest strains of Kratom, and it is the perfect substitute for pain killers. Bali Kratom puts you in a calm, happy state of mind. It is available in red, white and green colours.
  6. Sumatra Kratom:
    Again, sourced only from Sumatra, this Kratom strain is available in green, white and red colours. The Sumatra Kratom is becoming increasingly popular as a drug to help keep blood pressure under check.
  7. Thai Kratom:Thai Kratom
    Amongst the three stains available in the Thai Kratom, the green and white win points over the red Thai Kratom. This strain of Kratom is known to be the best solution to acute and chronic pain, with immediate relief.
  8. Malay Kratom:
    The origin of Malay Kratom is Malaysia – it is known to improve mood and make you feel competent and confident about yourself. Super Green Malay Kratom is the best out of all the available types of Kratom.



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