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Colours of Kratom

Why are there different colours of Kratom?

Kratom is just a natural herb, which is getting a lot of popularity for many reasons. It has tremendous benefits – which make it a beneficial drug. It is known to be a great stress buster, mood alleviator, confidence booster and focus increasing drug. Not only that, but it is the perfect remedy or chronic or acute pain. But the real trick lies here – every strain of Kratom, every different colour it comes it has a different set of benefits. There are numerous factors which influence the colour and concentration of Kratom – which results in the difference in the Kratom powder available in the market. These include – red, green, white, yellow and mixed Kratom.


Red Kratom is red because it dried longer than the other strains of Kratom. These leaves turn red because they are at the topmost on the Kratom tree, which makes them more exposed to sunlight. The Red Kratom powder is known best for it’s a pain-alleviating property and also to bring in a feeling of euphoria.

Yellow Kratom powder, on the other hand, is similar to the red Kratom powder-although it is better than red Kratom in many ways. Yellow Kratom is the longer dried version of red Kratom. It is further fermented, which brings in the yellow colour in. This fermented, more dried version improves the Kratom concentration, making its effects even more advanced than red Kratom.



Green Kratom is derived from the leaves which are at the bottom of the Kratom tree. These leaves are green, which, when dried, make the resultant powder green in colour. Green Kratom is known to be a fantastic stress buster and focus improver and works wonders on many people.

White Kratom powder is similar to green Kratom powder – it’s just that the leaves picked for producing white Kratom powder are in the middle of the tree rather than the extreme top or bottom. This makes them partially exposed to sunlight, keeping these leaves slightly paler, which results in the white Kratom powder.


Mixed Kratom powder is the most popular out of all – favoured among the newbies as well as the veterans. Every strain of Kratom is mixed in different proportions to make the perfect blend – which brings out mixed properties of Kratom and also mixed effects. Mixed Kratom stands to be the most preferred and beneficial strain amongst all.


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