Your Guide to Kratom

Anyone and everyone can be affected by depression. It is a mental illness which can cause numerous problems for one’s well being and state of mind. Through time doctors have suggested various methods to cure depression and keep it as far as possible. But the most controversial method suggested by them has to be the usage of Kratom. So let’s try and understand everything associated with Kratom for better clarity.

1. The Plant


Formerly found in parts of Southeast Asia, Kratom is a plant which can be grown only during the tropical climate. This geographical location has not benefited Western countries when it comes to accessibility. As the leaves of these plants is known to have psychoactive properties, many doctors and researchers have tried their best to avail it through different means.

2. Usage


Doctors have suggested patients regarding the usage of this plant and how it cures depression. But the fact which people fail to understand is that during these consultations doctors also inform their patients about the risks associated with Kratom.  The usage of Kratom can lead to a list of side-effects. Aggression and constipation are some of the commonly found side-effects in people using Kratom. On the other side, patients have also suggested that they have been able to come out of depression thanks to the usage of Kratom. This is because it affects the brain and parts of pain, thereby letting you relax.

3. Problems of Research

Unlike other subjects and topics, the study relating to Kratom has been filled with controversies due to various reasons. Researchers have been successful in pointing out its usefulness, adverse health effects, and different things associated with this plant. It’s been riddled with controversies because of its side-effects and experiences of people who have used it. Although doctors have boasted about its benefits, in recent times they have also been talking about its addictive nature. So research in this regard has fallen apart.

4. The Problem of Legality

One might ponder as to why the plant remains to be legal in a few states of America and illegal in few other. This misplacement is due to various reasons associated with the plant. Debates during prime time have not reached proper conclusions when they begin to talk about Kratom. Both sides end up talking about valuable points, which make it hard to reach conclusions. Hence the country has not reached a point of agreement.

5. Functionality of Medicines

Unlike other medicines, Kratom has probably been the only one with huge risks. For example, the legalization of marijuana was successful as the list of pros topped the list of cons. Weed is not addictive and is also one of the leading suggestions for people with Glaucoma incurring almost zero side-effects and withdrawal symptoms.

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